Red Larva Plush With Sound

Red Larva Plush With Sound

Red Larva Plush With Sound

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Red Larva Plush With Sound

Bring home your favorite Larva character! Larva is the comic story of 2 cute and hilarious red and yellow larva and their friends. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they find themselves in trouble together. Follow their adventures on YouTube and Netflix.

 Yellow is a goofy yellow larva who loves to eat. He seems like a pushover because he usually lets Red do whatever he wants to do, but when it comes to food, Yellow is a fighter!

 Red is full of pride and easily irritated. Don’t try to mess with him! He is always pulling mean jokes on Yellow, but somehow finds himself in trouble in the end.

 Pink is a cute and lovely pink larva. She likes the sweet side of Yellow but is loved by Red.

 Collect them all!

  • Officially licensed 12” Plush with sound.
  • Laugh, hum, bounce, and fart along with Red!
  • Made of super soft fabric and materials.

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